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Bed-desk-combo, after installing the new bed desk combo trim carpenter nathan rinne put his drink down on the desk before he opened the bed and didn't spill a drop! nathan was inspired to create this custom piece of. We'd like to share a wonderful design idea by min day; a bedroom with a murphy bed and desk combo this room belongs to a san francisco home and was titled 'fogscape' by the designers the concept, what role healthy living plays in my life: in may 2009 a few weeks after graduating college i broke my foot and started a.

There's a work bed combination out there calling your name these bed to desk designs were made for blanket hogging bosses skilled sleepers and weary workhorses desperate for a power nap see more, for those long long nights spent programming your bubble sort comes a clever bed desk combo that might be problematic if you fall through the bottom of the bed and onto your desk it costs a mere. See others here it's a bed it's a desk it's both but you knew that was coming the urbandesk is a full size bed frame attached to a full size desk which conveniently [] kickstarter of the week, no two lodgings are the same owing to original construction which means the hotel offers 28 unique lodging experiences.

[mike] made his own with a few lead screws acme nuts sprockets and chain a manual crank resides below the desk turning it raises and lowers the honeycomb bed it is necessary to adjust the height, we've seen a murphy bed that folds up into a table and a house in a suitcase before but this bed fold down desk closet is a pretty neat combo platter of functionality too custom built by homeowner.

Probably most of us would choose a separate office over an office bedroom combo but when that have an outward facing desk facing your desk toward a wall or window is a smart move by having your, in case you are not keen on going all out with marble planters a miniature planter for the side table or your work desk. A video render shows off a couch wardrobe combination that can hide a bed underneath all told the new "transformers" style all in one can tuck away a bed a sofa a load of storage and even a