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Cake-for-ten-years-old, teresa giudice's little dancing queen audriana giudice is 10 years old the competitive dancer celebrated her and of course this being a giudice party there was an epic cake the real. This cake was an instant hit kristyn miller's son jaxon was turning 2 and instead of a more traditional treat like perhaps a zoo animal or car themed birthday cake she decided to get something, a long standing breakfast and lunch restaurant has closed making way for a custom cake business in west bethlehem the mayflower luncheonette which opened more than 65 years ago closed in recent. Milford police have issued a silver alert for james cake 7 and grace cake 1 who was last seen with their 34 year old mother police said the children may be in a gray 2014 subaru legacy with the, charli ann joseph is not your typical teenager well she is except for the part that she runs her own business 4 heaven's cakes when she was 12 she started her own business baking and decorating.

Getting called a "loser" on your birthday is never fun especially if you're only 2 years old that's exactly what happened to a little girl in missouri but it was an honest mistake made by the, but it's the 14 year old's willingness to give back that really takes the cake "i'll make it i'll frost it everything is from scratch " said mary margaret if it looks like the teenager has been