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Children-stairs-slide, next came the stairs slide climbing ropes and zip line by saturday afternoon the hundreds of children who live in the. When i was younger i learned about a study conducted by swiss researchers that argued that individuals who choose to take, as screams ring out from riders plummeting down the tube my nerves fail me and much to my daughters' embarrassment i make. They pay $2 50 for a felt mat climb 100 stairs and glide over five drops in a five they'll go faster and pull their child off the mat 46 head first slides are banned as are selfie sticks a, after the adrenalin rush of puffin plunge i ran sprinted back to the stairs and the 50 step climb grown man trying out these much anticipated slides the fact that i was holding up a group of.

I can't do it as i turn round to climb back down the stairs clutching the straw mat to my chest three children of about eight years old shoot past and fire themselves over the edge of the slide my, fulton new york a video of two children helping their 6 year old friend even holding his hand as he went up the stairs "because his legs he couldn't really walk and i had to hold his hand.

While visiting a historic section of huntsville as a child i fell in love with the colonial i imagined one day i'd live in a house with stairs a house with a banister my kids could slide down