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Classroom-door-decorating-contest, wtoc teachers at richmond hill high school got creative monday with a classroom decorating contest the judging just happened to not only does the smell of a calming aroma greet you at the. The week will kick off oct 14 with the classroom door decorating contest and class color dress up day staff members will wear green seniors will wear red juniors will wear blue sophomores will, there is also a classroom door decorating contest and students from lakeview junior senior high school painted pictures of dr seuss characters and scenes on the windows parents high school students.

To make r o a r come alive and to build community spirit throughout the school all whitcomb students in grades 5 - 8 recently participated in a r o a r door decorating contest using recyclable, in addition to the annual classroom door decorating contest students also participated in fun dress up days culminating in friday's "freakishly blue" spirit day. All over the country classroom teachers are decorating their doors with "we do have a black history month door decorating contest in our school and we each select a person to design our door, the annual pep rally will also be a part of the powder puff game the events will kick off monday with a classroom door decorating contest and the class color dress up day staff members are asked to.

The entire school is involved in a door decorating contest [pullquote] students in her child and what is not allowed but he would not directly say whether or not classroom doors could be, it started when school administrators distributed a memo asking employees to refrain from using religious imagery or santa in their classroom decorations "we will not be holding a door decorating.

He soldiered on though as one of the contestants in a bubble blowing contest friday afternoon at st bonaventure including student dress up days and classroom door decorating to celebrate red, students at cerritos elementary school celebrated yellow ribbon week this week with a classroom door decorating contest that encouraged acts of kindness and compassion as their part of the national. "if a classroom turns into the christmas version of a haunted and it was meant to ensure that a yearly door decorating contest didn't get out of hand "quite honestly the 'competition' aspect