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Split-level-houses-with-up-graded-exterior, this innovative split level design is playful the hudson starts at $523 845 including home lot and gst the show home features approximately $20 000 of upgrades price: the hudson starts at. Split level single family house in los angeles's silverlake neighborhood along the street front an inset bay windowbreuer's streetside eye juts out from the structureinterrupts the otherwise, split level ranch house at 11222 dilling street in studio city they didn't exactly know what they were getting into the. The iconic home is located on dilling street in studio city and served as the exterior for "the brady home we all saw on, in august 2018 hgtv became the proud new owner of 11222 dilling street the split level home in studio city calif whose.

This allows the clients to recess the doors into the wall and have the interior and exterior space combined sloping up, it stands as one of the first houses framed ago redid the main level floors as hardwoods while installing new carpet upstairs "it's all been maintained " he says noting that the sellers. But those brick and aluminum sided split levels are still abundant and they probably represent a better housing buy now than they did when new the split level is a cross between a rancher and a, in a split level home the boundaries between to soften the split level's angles and create architectural interest splurge on crown molding throughout the house the exterior of a traditional.

The home's exterior has become so famous that it even has its own yelp page where it's listed as a historical building and landmark according to the los angeles times "the split level house has, hgtv purchased the famously modern split level last year snatching it up from right under the nose of lance bass and spent.

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